Have Come,

Am Here

Cowboy with the Bat Ears

In anticipation of tomorrow’s screening of “The Dark Knight Rises”, I unearthed an essay I wrote for my Pop Culture class in sophomore year—an examination of the film “The Dark Knight” through the juxtaposition of some its conventions with the classical conventions used in old Western films.

LOL that sounds so college-y doesn’t it? I wish I could write a better introduction but it’s a Friday night and I’m exhausted.

Anyway, I decided to post the whole essay here, just because I found myself editing some of the stuff I wrote while I was reading and I feel like I might as well make it public since I already wasted precious minutes of my Friday trying to make it readable…for no one in particular.

It’s a bit long and has an academic-y tone to it. Otherwise, I think it makes for a pretty interesting read.

This goes out to all the Bat-fans out there.

Bros and Shows

First, I want to tell him about “Freaks and Geeks”. I want to tell him to watch that before anything else. If he asks what kind of show it is, I’d say it’s many kinds—comedy, drama, teen show, family show, period piece—but at the same time, it isn’t any kind at all. Then I’d tell him how I fell in love with it. How it was just a single, specific scene from the pilot that won me over completely. It’s the scene where Sam and Lindsay, brother and sister, have a quiet conversation in Lindsay’s bedroom.